Protecting and perfecting your smile


  • Clear Correct – tooth straightening
  • Whitening – Glo pro, Venus, and Opalescence Go
  • Veneers

Veneers –

We all want straight white teeth. Dr. Funk has completed cases where veneers have filled in spaces, moved the centerline of the front teeth over to match the centerline of the face and covered teeth that were damaged.  He is creative, but his treatment is based on the best options for the patient and what they hope will be the final result. Veneers are a porcelain facing for a tooth that is too small or too traumatized to look good.


Whitening options –

Who does not want a beautiful white smile? We can help you achieve a whiter smile in just a few steps with lots of options.

Most of us use several methods -bleach trays, in office bleach treatment, whitening toothpaste, etc., to achieve the color we want to maintain.  Once you get to that color, it is fairly simple to maintain it.

Bleaching teeth is an option many patients use to keep their teeth white.   We have in-office bleaching designed to take your teeth several shades lighter in one visit.


A tried and true method for bleaching teeth and maintaining a whiter smile is having take-home bleach trays made. Syringes filled with bleach are used by the patient to dispense bleach in the tray for the upper arch and the tray for the lower arch.  Bleach may vary in strength.  The one best for you depends on if you have sensitivity to the stronger percentage of bleach. We have several brands and options available on bleach refills.


Dr. Chris Funk has bleached teeth internally by accessing the pulp chamber and applying bleach to lighten a tooth dark in color due to trauma.
We also have a great option for those of you on the go.  The Ultradent Go trays are an excellent and easy way to maintain your white smile or lighten your teeth.  The  Go trays come ready to use, are placed on each arch, thirty minutes is all it takes and you can brush of the residual gel with a toothbrush.

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